“the Garden Outpost”
by #yourlocalfarmer

The retail greenhouse in Rogersville, MO

Your local gardening expert, selling local products

So many of our local friends and neighbors want to raise a garden so they can eat fresher food or make their spaces beautiful. Since 2016, we’ve provided a local source for gardening products and expertise. We stock all the classic gardening favorites as well as a wide selection of plants, decor, and gifts that are different, fresh, and unique. That’s how I earned the nickname “The Unique Flower Farmer.”


We are conveniently located at 319 S Main St, Rogersville, MO 65742 – right off US Hwy 60 and Mill Street, between Apple Market and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Give us a call. Our phone number is (417) 818-2209

Current Hours

The Garden Outpost in Rogersville, Missouri, will be open April 14-May 27 for Spring 2023. Hours are Mon.-Sat. 9am-6pm and Sundays 1pm-4pm.

We are open seasonally in the spring and fall: April through June (7 days a week) and September through October (open weekends).

"The Unique Flower Farmer" owner Emma Alexander selling flowers in Rogersville, MO
Flower pots and garden accessories for sale at a greenhouse in Rogersville, MO
Flower for sale in a greenhouse in Rogersville, MO


Spring Season

The Unique Flower Farmer Greenhouse, Rogersville, MO, is open in the spring from mid-April to early June. This time of year, people get “spring fever,” so we provide a wide range of gardening supplies to fill flower beds, raised gardens, hanging baskets, and more.

  • Annuals & bedding plants: We carry all the flower-bed favorites such as petunias, impatiens, marigolds and more. These colorful flowers also look great in pots. You can buy a variety of items and mix them together. Flowering baskets are a popular gift for Mother’s Day and other fun occasions.
  • Vegetable starts: Want to grow your own food? We provide a large variety of baby plants including pepper plants, tomato plants, watermelon plants, cantaloupe plants, and many more!
  • Herbs: Herbs are kind of a big deal these days, and they are a lot of fun to grow. These plants are “annuals” so they need to be planted each year.
  • Tropical plants and house plants are huge right now – they are very popular. People are trying to bring the outside in. There is a desire to nurture. And people are more often working in their own spaces. So house plants are quite the rage.
  • Succulents: These small desert plants don’t require a lot of water. People really like them because they are easy to take care of. Some people don’t water house plants enough so they die – but that’s no problem with succulents! They don’t need a lot of water. They are not the same thing as cacti. They come in many different shapes and shades of green. They have slick, shiny leaves that store water.
  • Perennials: In the proper conditions, perennials come back year after year making them a great garden investment. They survive the local winters and blossom each year. I only sell perennials that can survive in the Ozarks – including some native selections.
  • Supplies: Save yourself a trip to the hardware store. We stock a great selection of pots, potting mixes, and other gardening supplies.
  • Gifts and decor: I handpick a selection of unique gifts and decor items each year. These trendy, stylish treasures will brighten the day for you and your loved ones.

Fall Season

We open up again from early September through October. After a long, hot summer, everyone is desperate for change. We provide all your fall favorites, plus unique gifts and decor. Everybody is in a hurry in the spring. In the fall, we tend to slow down and visit. Talk about how our summer went. It’s a great time to build community.

  • Mums: These fall decor favorites are all locally sourced. We carry a wide variety of colors and sizes so you can decorate your front porch with a beautiful fall theme.
  • Pumpkins, gourds, and squash: I strive to get all my pumpkins from local farmers right here in Webster County. I do the purchasing, talk to the growers, write the check, and pick up the pumpkins directly from the farms. I know they are high quality, and I know they are as fresh as possible. I provide the classic orange pumpkins that are great for jack o’lanterns, plus a wide variety of heirloom species in crazy colors such as pink, white, blue, and striped. Since these varieties are affected by the weather, it’s always a surprise to see what grows each year. The Good Lord provides that excitement!
  • Corn stalks: We find locally sourced corn stocks to provide real-life fall decor.
  • Straw bales: We sell both mini and full-sized straw bales for your fall decorating projects. The minis are super cute. Many people have a smaller porch, and they don’t have room for a full straw bale.
  • Gifts and decor: I always enjoy finding fun fall gifts to stock the greenhouse. Each year brings new and exciting trends.
  • Supplies: Large pots for Mums, potting mix, and other gardening supplies.

Local sourcing

Getting plants that are grown locally is getting harder and harder each year, because many family farms are not surviving. I work to improve the local farming economy by sourcing as many products as possible from right here in our local community, state, and region.

I don’t buy flowers and vegetables from the major seed conglomerates found in the big box store. I work hard to find local growers – first in our hometown and county, then from our state.

I know these people.

I have personally met or talked to each grower on the phone. I know them by name. They take my order with a pen and paper. And they personally show up in the delivery truck. They drop the plants at my shop, and I get to have real conversations with them. We talk heart-to-heart about how they keep the business family-owned, how grandpa still operates it, and how the grandkids are gainfully employed because the business is successful.

Why by locally sourced gardening supplies?

If plants come from farther away, like another country, they spend more time in transit. They bounced around more. They are handled more. They are put under more stress.

They may also not be acclimated to our local climate.

The shorter the distance from the farmer to your home, the fresher each plant is. When plants travel a few minutes from the farm, instead of a few days, you get a better value and better quality.