CopperTop Legacy Farm

Protecting the legacy of family farming.

Being intentional about raising the next generation of farmers

Our farm is more than a revenue generator. It’s a legacy of hard work and values passed from generation to generation. It helps us instill faith and values in our children and prepare them for adulthood.

What do we grow on the farm?

We’re growing farmers. Seriously, that’s our primary motivation.

A mother with her boys on a family farm near Rogersville, MO

The goal for our family is to prepare our children to be responsible adults, good citizens, successful farmers (if that’s the career they choose). When our children grow up, they may have jobs “in town” with a “hobby farm” at home. Or maybe they’ll farm full time. Either way, we want them to have that opportunity.

If we get to sell some locally grown beef and pork along the way, that’s a bonus.

Family members working side by side

A boy feeding pigs with his mom on a family farm near Rogersville, MO

Some families pour everything into sports or scouts or marching band – and those are all good endeavors to be engaged in as well – but we believe farming is the ultimate family activity.

Everyone on the farm has chores and responsibilities. We all work together and learn together. We all accept the risks and enjoy the rewards. As we are raising animals and growing plants together, we grow as a family.

Generationally sustainable agriculture

“Sustainability” is a really big buzzword in agriculture right now. It’s critical from an environmental and conservationist standpoint as well as from an economic and social perspectives as well.

But the concept of generationally sustainable agriculture also resonates, because if we don’t protect our farms there will be nothing for the next generation of farmers. We must protect the entire farming business in three dimensions. … Read more about “Generationally sustainable agriculture”

Cows eating from a troth at a farm

About the name

My husband Mark and our boys Lucas and Travis all have red hair. This “copper-top” red hair is traced back to all of our grandparents and beyond. My ancestors have been involved in local agriculture for more than 150 years! Everything we have is because of the hard work and diligence of our family farming history. We want to protect that legacy for our boys, so they have the opportunity to work in agriculture if that’s what they choose.

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