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Farm-fresh local meat for sale “on the hoof” (near Springfield MO)

At CopperTop Legacy Farm, we sell our livestock “on the hoof” and in local retail locations. “on the hoof” means, we’ll sell you an entire animal, while it’s still alive – but we help facilitate the process of getting fresh-from-the-farm meat into your home freezer. That is the easiest, legal way to sell it.

For example, I can sell you a live pig, based on the pound. But what are you going to do with a live pig? Take it home in your minivan? I have a better idea.

You buy the animal from me. Then, as a service, I deliver it to the local “locker plant” for you. It’s your animal, but I’ll give it a ride. The locker plant, also known as a meat processing facility, will harvest the meat for you.

Then you work out the details with the locker plant and pay the processing fee directly to the facility.

You choose how the meat is prepared and packaged. With a pig, you can decide how much of the animal becomes pork chops, pork loins, sausage, ham, etc. Then you can take the meat home and put it in your freezer.

This provides the best value for you and the best revenue for the farmer – without a retail store acting as a middleman.

From my farm to your fork.

To learn more about buying locally grown meat, contact CopperTop Legacy Farm.

About Emma Alexander

Family-farming guru Emma Alexander at her family farm near Rogersville, MO

Emma Alexander owns and operates CopperTop Legacy Farm in Southwest, Missouri, along with her husband and their two boys. She also owns a retail greenhouse in Rogersville, Missouri, under her nickname “The Unique Flower Farmer.” She advocates for local farms, local businesses, and traditional values.

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