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How my grandparents created a local farming legacy (and how you can too)

I am the seventh generation farming in this region. I often think about what my grandparents did for me. They made real a difference in my life. I can’t wait to see them again in Heaven, so I can thank them.

The selfless gift of family farming

My grandparents, and the four generations before them, could see beyond themselves. They passed their values on by the way they lived.

It started with their faith. They genuinely lived their faith, for so many years, without fail. They proved it was worth doing.

They also preserved the farming industry through the ethical way they worked their own farm. No one said they had to do a good job on the farm, but they did – because they saw the economic value.

I think about the work they did to preserve everything they had earned and worked for – so that we could have it too. That was grounded in their faith. They didn’t store all of these resources up for themselves, forever. They knew the next generations would need them too.

Making it official: Putting the plan on paper

We’re all going to die. Without proper planning, an estate can be a terrible burden.

My grandparents did a lot of estate planning – even before it was cool.

There were no questions that had to be ironed out in probate court. The plans they made ensured that the next generation could carry on seamlessly.

Applying what I’ve learned

That’s why I’m working to build generationally sustainable agriculture. My husband and I want our boys to have the option of taking over the family farm (or starting their own) if they want to.

I’m trying to think beyond myself and prepare the business for our boys.

About Emma Alexander

Family-farming guru Emma Alexander at her family farm near Rogersville, MO

Emma Alexander owns and operates CopperTop Legacy Farm in Southwest, Missouri, along with her husband and their two boys. She also owns a retail greenhouse in Rogersville, Missouri, under her nickname “The Unique Flower Farmer.” She advocates for local farms, local businesses, and traditional values.

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