Local beef for sale at retail store Turners Station six minutes east of Springfield MO

Announcement: Local meat now available in a retail shop near Springfield MO

CopperTop Legacy Farm is excited to now offer retail cuts of locally raised beef for sale at Turners Station Mercantile and Deli – just six minutes east of Springfield, Missouri. These high-quality meats are sold directly to shoppers in our community in an effort to support the local economy.

Buy local meat by the pound (or a whole animal)

We continue to sell whole animals for meat processing, but the new retail option serves meat lovers who don’t have a large freezer to stock and just want some high-quality cuts of meat for their barbecue.

Lots of choices in locally grown meat

A variety of retail packages are re-stocked weekly in CopperTop Farm’s freezer at Turners Station Mercantile and Deli.

  • Briskets
  • Ribeyes
  • KC strips
  • Tri-tip roasts
  • Ground beef (80/20 or 90/10 recipes) *
  • Quarter-pound burger patties *
  • Brats flavored with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer *
  • Fajita beef *
  • and more! (*convenient one-pound packages)

This locally grown meat is great for celebrations, gatherings, or just because.

Fast and easy shopping

We want to make your shopping experience fast and easy. Every package is pre-priced with an easy-to-read sticker. Our steaks are cut at 1” thick and are packaged for two. All of our ground beef, brats, and fajita beef products are in convenient one-pound packages.

Building up our community through direct-to-consumer marketing

Our family is excited to provide locally grown beef for your family to enjoy. At the end of our day, it’s all about building up our community in many ways.

Better for the local economy

When agriculture commodities like beef travel a long distance from the farm before landing in local grocery stores, the dollars those products are worth get spread out along the entire journey.

Did you know that in many traditional marketing channels, only 7 cents of each dollar you spend at the grocery store makes it back to the farmer’s gate?

When we can go the absolute shortest distance to get our safe-and-reliable local protein onto the forks of our friends and neighbors, we are able to keep more dollars (as well as the intrinsic, elemental value of those products) close to home supporting our communities, not communities far away.

Better for local health

There is only one stop for our beef between the farm and the retail freezer. We know exactly where our animals are taken in our regional community to be packaged. We transport it directly back to be marketed to you.

The journey is so short there is no need for extra additives and preservatives. All that you will find in our packages is the meat from the animals we raised.

The result of this marketing model is a fresher, local product. That means healthy diets and strong bodies in our community.

Better for local retailers

Partnerships with retailers like Turners Station Mercantile and Deli are a great way to support the local business community. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If local consumers are already shopping at well-known venues, we are glad to have the opportunity to offer our beef for sale at convenient locations.

We have been living and working in our community for seven generations. We understand local shoppers know and love Turners Station Mercantile and Deli as much as we do. We hope our products add to the customer experience there. It is definitely a win-win partnership with old family friends … and now you too!

Better for the local community

Maybe most importantly, our retail beef is giving us a chance to meet with you, our local consumers, face to face.

We may meet at the freezer door as we restock. Maybe we can meet at a Turners Station Mercantile and Deli event or across the deli lunch table. Some meetings are even starting by answering questions you have about our products via our social media or web pages.

These meetings develop into great conversations that we are glad to have with you about your food. Our intention is that our visits will show our pride, investment, and commitment to our community and to our agriculture industry

If beef is what’s for dinner – and fresh and local sound like a refreshing change – our retail cuts are a great option!

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About Emma Alexander

Family-farming guru Emma Alexander at her family farm near Rogersville, MO

Emma Alexander owns and operates CopperTop Legacy Farm in Southwest, Missouri, along with her husband and their two boys. She also owns a retail greenhouse in Rogersville, Missouri, under her nickname “The Unique Flower Farmer.” She advocates for local farms, local businesses, and traditional values.

About Turners Station Mercantile and Deli

Turners Station Mercantile and Deli
6484 E Farm Rd 148, Turners, MO 65765
Call or text 417-880-1242

Turners Station Mercantile and Deli started in this location in 1889 and is a designated historical site. Seven generations later, we’re still here serving our community as the oldest continuously operated store in Greene County.

We’re known for our made-to-order sliced-fresh deli sandwiches. And we also serve hot meals, soups, salads, and bakery items, with seasonal menus.

We sell groceries (like CopperTop Legacy Farm meats) and animal feed. We also have a full-service post office in the store.

A favorite destination in our store is Candace’s Counter, selling toys and candy – where “fun starts with a penny.” Candace sponsors three annual events for family fun: 

  1. June is the watermelon-seed spitting contest.
  2. July is a frog jumping contest.
  3. October is a community Halloween party.

We sell fresh flower arrangements and are known for our signature “bucket of blooms arrangements.” In our gifts section, we feature made-in-the-Ozarks arts and crafts to support our local artisans.

Our dining room is a place to gather at lunchtime or to reserve for meetings. Community service is important to us and a lot of what we do, from charity rides to highway trash pickup,  political meet and greets, to our public exchange library (including Monday-night bookmobile stops). We’re always looking for ways to engage our community. Quite often we transform our store into an event venue. We invite food trucks, farmers’ market vendors, and live musicians.

Come have lunch Monday through Saturday. Or attend one of our many events.

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