Local farming guru Emma Alexander next to a cow field on her family farm near Rogersville, MO

About Emma Alexander: an educated, experienced horticulture enthusiast

I’m Emma, and I’m excited to be your local farmer!

A rich history of family farming

By divine design, I was born into the industry of agriculture.

I am a loud, proud southwest Missouri Ozarkian. I was born and raised in Rogersville and will always be a Rogersville Wildcat at Heart.

Generations of my family helped to raise me while being guided by the cycle of farming seasons. It naturally became part of my being.

My ancestors homesteaded a family century farm and have been doing local agriculture for more than 150 years! I grew up on a dairy farm, and I was highly engaged in the 4H and FFA youth organizations which helped solidify my desire to participate in the agriculture industry as my career.


When the time came to choose an education path that would drive my vocation, horticulture was an excellent agricultural fit to fulfill my lifelong love of color and creation.

In 2005 I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture at Missouri State University (Go Bears!). While my entrepreneurial journey has remained in my trained vocation of horticulture, I have also been engaged in my family’s farm operation and been working to build a farm of our own.


I have just enough wisdom and experience to see that our trade does not have to be who we are. However, agriculture is not just a way to make a living. It becomes a way of life. My passion is exhibited in my choice not just to work in agriculture (as a trade or job) but to be a farmer. My boots are on the ground, and I work hands-on with our natural growing systems and cycles. I work with land and livestock – but most importantly with you, our valued consumers. It has been a blessing to meet the horticulture needs of clients in the Springfield, Missouri, metro area.

Real-life experience

I love the opportunity to make your garden dreams come true when you are a guest at my retail garden center “The Unique Flower Farmer” Garden Outpost, which is open seasonally in Rogersville, MO!

I also own and operate Coppertop Legacy Farm, along with the help of my husband (who has caught farming fever) and our two tiny farmers. Our ultimate goal is to grow the next generation of agriculturalists.

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