3 Reasons to Decorate for Fall in 2022

The last few days have certainly not felt like or looked like fall. But down on the farm the sounds of “kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk” across the barnyard as acorns bounce off of every roof, truck, and bucket are an assurance that at least it is beginning to sound like fall in the Ozarks. While we wait on the Lord to paint his fall masterpiece across the landscape for 2022 we can bring the colors and textures of fall to the décor in our homes, on our patios, across our porches, and up and down our front stoops. One possible concern this year….$$$$$.

There are so many things that we will spend our dollars on this season. Our expenses have been unusual this year and many families are keeping a close eye on dollars. Hopefully everyone is still planning to enjoy the colors and textures of fall. My first TuFFTalk for Fall 2022 was about the really good reasons to keep your fall décor budget in tact this season…..

Your Favorite Fall Decor Items are LOCALLY GROWN AND SOURCED

If you shop local shops for your fall goods there is a good chance that those products were grown on local farms meaning they will have traveled much less than a day to get to you so they will be fresher than versions you will find at box or chain stores. If you are choosing to invest those dollars, you ought to get fresh, high quality items so you get the best longevity of those goods as well! Buying local goods at local stores supports our friends and neighbors in our local communities the best. It is likely that if their business is good, they will reinvest those dollars locally into a venture you may be involved in. It creates a local economic multiplier effect!

Your Fall Decor can Serve MULTIPLE PURPOSES

Unlike your fall themed wreath made from silk and plastic (which is still a great part of your décor and should be used as an element) just about any pumpkin that you decorate with can be used in the kitchen. Repurpose your well cared for pumpkins as pies, to be canned, or in cookies or bars. Several of the squash make great fillers for potatoes. The colors are just as good for Thanksgiving décor and will add value all the way to December. Other items can be repurposed by local wildlife: cornstalks and straw will be picked at by birds and other wildlife to line their nests for the winter season.  Specific varieties of mums can be perennialized for years to come if transplanted early, cared for correctly, and with a little garden gambling luck.

Traditional Farm Fresh, Locally Grown Fall Decor is 100% RECYCLEABLE

Even if one of the second purposes of your fall décor doesn’t suit you needs, or if Mother Nature gets the best of your items and they pass the point of no return, when the holly and twinkle lights appear, local fall décor can be added to the compost pile out back. There is no fear of natural fall décor filling the closets or landfills or becoming part of your next yard sale. Over the winter, the items will break down and add nutrients to your composting project. Come next spring the items will have added nutritional elements that if added to your garden will give your next year’s season a boost.

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE. I can’t get enough of the color palette, textures, smells and sounds we enjoy during the fall. Everything about fall says a big, satisfied sigh after a season well worked looking forward to a winter’s rest of planning and rejuvenating. There are too many values in our local fall décor to let the season slip by without celebrating in a colorful way! Don’t skip out on your annual decorating tradition. Go ahead and make your neighbors jealous with a lovely fall display on any scale!

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